EVO Docs Main Page

  1. Order Screen Elements
    1. Ticket Info Tab
      1. Ticket Uptime
      2. Transfer Events
      3. Custom Ticket Name
      4. Customer Database
    2. Store & Fire Order
    3. Pay a Ticket
    4. Seat Position
    5. Order Destination
    6. Ticket Ownership
    7. Item Function (Button)
    8. Start Over / New Ticket (Button)
    9. Print (Button)
    10. Tickets (Button)
    11. Ticket Actions (Button)
      1. Split Ticket
      2. Merge Tickets
      3. Reprint to Remotes
      4. Open Drawer
      5. Apply Ticket Discount
      6. Apply Service Fee
      7. Void Ticket
      8. Comp Ticket
    12. Item Actions
      1. Item Hold
      2. Remove Item
      3. Change Applied Modifiers
      4. Misc. Mods
      5. Item Discount
      6. Split Item
      7. Recipes
      8. More Function
      9. Comment
  2. POS Menu Elements
    1. Global Ticket Search
    2. Functions
      1. Open Cash Drawer
      2. Show All Tickets
      3. Show Finalized Tickets
      4. Recall Ticket
      5. Transfer All Tickets
      6. Refresh Database
    3. Sections and Tables
      1. Section and Tables Features
    4. New Ticket
    5. Active Events Bar
  3. Employee Menu Elements
    1. Message of the Day
    2. Timeclock
    3. Messages
    4. Reports
    5. Cash Tip Declaration
    6. Notifications
  4. Manager Menu Elements
    1. Updates
    2. Records
    3. Sales Report
      1. Reporting Options
    4. Stock Tracking
    5. Customers & Loyalty
    6. Timeclock
    7. Tenders
    8. End of Period
  5. Taskbar Elements
    1. Hamburger Menu
      1. Notifications
      2. eGift Solutions App
      3. Cash Drawer
      4. On-Screen Keyboard
      5. Power
  6. Lock Screen Elements
  7. Programming Options
    1. Menu Items
    2. Modifier Sets
    3. Screen Layouts
    4. Timed Events
    5. Employees
    6. Tables
    7. Tax Groups
  8. System Options
    1. Behavior
      1. Internet Check
      2. End of Period Options
      3. Touch
      4. Void Alerts
    2. Security
      1. Auto Lock
      2. Pin Auto Login
      3. UBD
    3. Payment
      1. Tip Adjust Required
      2. Print Receipt on Cash Tender
      3. Applied Tender Display
      4. Finalize on Exact Cash
      5. Return to Ticket Screen on Close
      6. Prompt for Tip on EMV Device
      7. Auto Finalize on Change Due
      8. Cash Discount
      9. Service Fee
    4. Appearance
      1. Custom Button
      2. Performance
      3. Theme
      4. System Font
    5. Printing
      1. Receipt Options
      2. Remote Options
    6. Employees
      1. Message of the Day
      2. Permissions
    7. Order Screen
      1. Show Order Type
      2. Use Quick Tenders on Recall
      3. New Ticket Resets Order Type
      4. Percentage Discount Affects Tax
      5. Enable Active Events Button
      6. Enable Item Quantity Bar
      7. Enable Modifier Sides
      8. Print Item Void Chit on Remotes
      9. Open Items Retain Description
      10. Always Show All Tickets
      11. Do Not Allow Payments With Item Holds
      12. Show Quick Actions on Tabs
      13. Show Stock Amount on Items
      14. Automatically Add Decimals in Currency Fields
      15. Duplicate Item Behavior
      16. Table Type
      17. Void and Comp Reasons
      18. Table List
    8. Reporting
      1. Setup Hourly Ranges
      2. Email Recipients
    9. CFD
      1. Stations Idle Message
      2. Closed Message
    10. Experimental
  9. System Setttings
    1. Tools Menu
      1. Reinstall Remote Support Client
      2. Restart Local Print Spooler
    2. Power Menu
      1. Power Off
      2. Restart Computer
      3. Relaunch EVO Client
    3. Update Database
    4. About
  10. User Training
    1. Starting a Shift
    2. Ending a Shift
    3. Using Timeclock
    4. Split Ticket By Person
    5. Merging Tickets
    6. Splitting an Item
    7. Splitting a Ticket by Payment
    8. Add Custom Comment
    9. View Item Recipe
    10. Hold an Item
    11. Reprint to Remotes
    12. Apply Ticket Discount
    13. Apply Item Discount
    14. Void a Ticket
    15. Comp a Ticket
    16. Apply Service Fee or Manual Gratuity
    17. How to Adjust Tip
    18. eGift App User Guide
  11. Manager Training
    1. Sales Reporting
      1. Sales Overview Section
      2. Tenders
      3. Discounts
      4. By Department
      5. By Group
      6. Gratuity
      7. Product Mix
      8. Extended Product Mix
      9. Open Items
      10. Voids
      11. Cash Drawer Events
      12. Estimated Cash Drawer
      13. Net Cash Due
    2. Category Programming
    3. Menu Item Programming
    4. Modifier Programming
    5. Discount Programming
    6. Timed Event Programming
    7. Close Period and Batch
    8. Table and Section Design
    9. Set Tax Rate
    10. Employee Management
    11. Timeclock Management
    12. End of Period Close
  12. Hardware Topics
    1. Workstations
      1. HK570 Info
    2. Tablets
      1. Microsoft Surface Go Info
    3. Printers
    4. Cash Drawers
    5. Barcode Scanners
    6. Accessories
    7. EMV Devices
      1. PAX S80 Info
      2. PAX SP30 Info
      3. PAX S300 Info
      4. PAX D210 Info
      5. PAX Troubleshooting
    8. Networking Devices
  13. Basic Troubleshooting
    1. Unable to Finalize Ticket
    2. Tip Adjust Not Allowed
    3. Check Engine Light on Taskbar
    4. Not Receiving System Emails

End of Period Close

An End of Period Close function does all of the following:

• Moves active current sales records to the historical database for archive.

• Resets transaction counts and ticket numbers.

• Frees up system resources and memory allowing the system to function smoothly.

• Resets “At a Glance” totals.

• Settles the current open credit card batch.

An End of Period Close can be performed manually, or automatically, depending on management preference. If the system is set up to automatically close the period every day, the system will also generate a convenient email report (if configured) that summarizes the day's sales.

Ideally, End of Period Close should be performed at the end of every sales day so that the End of Period Close report only reflects the current day's sales data. Failure to perfom an End of Period Close daily will result in more than one day's sales totals being combined on the End of Period Close report. Don't worry, this does not mean that the sales data is permanently combined within the system reporting though. If an End of Period Close contains more than one day's sales data, simply disregard this report and generate the desired individual daily sales reports using Manager Menu>Sales Reports menu.

Important: Failure to perform an End of Period Close frequently can potentially cause major problems with system operation. Please see the “Check Engine Light on Taskbar” article for more details.

Instructions for manual End of Period Close:

1. Make sure all tickets have been closed and finalized by navigating to POS Menu>Functions>Show all Tickets.
2. Once all tickets are confirmed to be closed, navigate to Manager Menu>End of Period, then select End Period and Batch.
3. The end of period close will process and a report will print, the PAX device(s) will then begin to beep and the batch process will complete.
4. The system will generate and email the end of period close report if email recipients are configured.

Instructions for Automatic End of Period Close:

1. Make sure you have already configured automatic end of period close.
2. Make sure all tickets have been closed and finalized by navigating to POS Menu>Functions>Show all Tickets.
3. Make sure that all station screens are on the main POS Menu screen and not on any other screens or menus. If any of the screens are on Manager Menu, Employee Menu, Timeclock, etc., it can interfere with the system's ability to automatically close period. All screens must be left on the POS Menu screen. It does not matter if the POS Menu screen is locked or not.
4. If all of the above is correct, the system will automatically process the End of Period Close at the time specified in the settings.